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Dinas, Cwm Rheidol and Nant-y-Moch Reservoirs at Rheidol Visitor Centre and Power Station


Rheidol Hydro Power Station
nr Aberystwyth
SY23 3NF

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The River Rheidol is an integral part of the Rheidol hydro-electric scheme and also a breeding area for salmon and trout. The fish originally had to pass Trotter’s Falls to reach their spawning grounds but when the Falls were replaced by a new dam, weir and bridge at Felin Newydd a special 'fish lift' constructed to allow the fish to reach their old spawning grounds.

Upstream of the power station a 'fish ladder' was cut into the rock to bypass the Rheidol Falls and thus opened up new spawning grounds to the fish. The fish ladder rises 6 metres and has 14 pools.

The lakes on the upper Rheidol at the foot of Pumlummon itself are part of the Rheidol electric power scheme and provide an interesting contrast in angling experience.

The 32 acre Dinas Reservoir which is the the smaller of the two reservoirs and regularly stocked with rainbow and brown trout. The quality of its fish has been described as second to none by Moc Morgan, angling correspondent for the the Trout and Salmon magazine.

Nantymoch is the much larger and wilder lake (680acres), provides a huge expanse of wild brown trout. For the angler who wants to get away from it all Nantymoch is the place to visit. Both lakes are bank fishing only. Nantymoch is fly only but on Dinas spinning and worming are also allowed.

Brown and rainbow trout are reared at Cwm Rheidol in specially constructed tanks alongside the power station. These fish are put into Dinas Reservoir. This provides anglers with a put-and-take fishing facility. Some of the brown trout are also stocked into Cwm Rheidol and Nant-y-Moch Reservoirs, to help support the indigenous population. For further information visit:


Turn off the A44 (Aberystwyth -Llangurig road) at Capel Bangor towards Cwm Rheidol. Follow the road 4 miles down the valley.
The nearest train station is at Aberystwyth, and public transport operates along the A44.

The signposted Rheidol Cycle Trail which begins in Aberystwyth, terminates at Cwm Rheidol.