Visit Mid Wales Safely
Visit Mid Wales Safely

Your COVID-19 guide to Mid Wales

At the moment, there are travel restrictions in place in Wales to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

There are different restrictions in place, depending on whether you live outside or inside Wales.


If you do not live in Wales, travel into Wales is not allowed without a reasonable excuse (for example, travelling for work purposes).

Visiting family and friends or having a holiday is not currently considered a reasonable excuse, although we hope to be able to welcome you in the not too distant future.

Making future accommodation bookings and reservations

Yes, you can make bookings, however, bookings are subject to future conditions and are made at your own risk. Cancellation policies should be discussed prior to booking.

If you're not able to visit Mid Wales at the moment, we recommend browsing our website for inspiration for your future visits - You can also join us on Social Media!

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Visiting from inside Wales

If you live within Wales, the travel restriction on movement within Wales has been lifted.

You are allowed to go on holiday within Wales if you live here.

Who can I stay with in holiday accommodation such as hotels, tents, caravans or self-catering accommodation?

You will only be able to share holiday accommodation with the people you live with.

This helps to reduce the risk of coronavirus being transmitted significantly, as sleeping in close proximity to other people carries a high risk of transmission due to the length of time you spend near each other.

Updated 1st December 2020...

  • From Friday 4 December 2020, pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes in Wales will have to close by 6pm.

  • Alcoholic drinks cannot be served or consumed at any time within these premises.

  • Premises with a license for off-sales can continue to sell alcohol until 10pm as part of the takeaway offer. Face coverings and physical distancing rules must be followed.

  • Takeaway services will operate as normal, provided food and drinks are sold for consumption off the premises and do not include alcohol after 10pm.

  • Indoor attractions and indoor entertainment venues will be closed. 

  • Hotels and other accommodation providers can remain open and can serve food and non-alcoholic drinks in bar/restaurant areas within their premises up to 10pm to residents, but must close by 6pm to non-residents.

  • Room service available for residents where you can order food and drink at any time for consumption in your own rooms, but this must not include alcohol after 10pm. No alcohol can be served to guests in their bedrooms between 10pm and 6am the following morning.

Visit Mid Wales. Safely.

We are working with the Welsh Government, Wales Tourism Alliance, business owners and local communities, to ensure tourism in Mid Wales is safe for visitors, businesses and communities alike. 

To help keep everyone safe - Please read our tips below:

  • In Wales we have a 2-metre distancing rule so please be aware of this when visiting.
  • There are currently no travel restrictions for Wales' residents travelling in Wales
  • Maximum of 4 people from separate households or any members of exclusive households can sit together in pubs, cafes or restaurants.
  • Exclusive 'bubbling' households do not include children under the age of 11 (two households can 'bubble' and cannot be swopped/changed)
  • Accommodation bookings - The rules in Wales from 9th November are that a single exclusive ‘bubble’ households in Wales can book accommodaton in Wales 
  • Check that the business you are visiting/staying in, have their risk assessments - Check our ‘Good to Go’ page for more details.
  • Face coverings are mandatory in indoor public spaces (subject to certain exemptions and exceptions), including on public transport and in taxis
  • You must provide your contact details/address details as required for accurate 'Test, Track, Protect'
  • Wash your hands regularly and bring enough hand sanitiser with you when you visit.
  • If you are staying in the area and experience symptoms (NHS Symptom Checker), you will be expected to return home immediately.
  • If you are unable to return home due to illness, please check with your accommodation provider for costs you may incur if you ‘self-isolate’ within the accommodation.
  • Please respect our beaches and beauty spots and take your rubbish home.
  • Plan your journey - check whether public toilets are open in the areas you are travelling to, as these may differ by town/county.
  • Ensure you read all the information provided to you from pre-booked businesses and that you fully understand any changes in rules/requirements.
  • Bars, restaurants and attractions are open but pre-booking is required.

A note from Mid Wales Tourism

We appreciate the respect our visitors are showing to our rural region. Thank you for helping to keep our communities safe.

Now, more than ever, our local tourism businesses in Mid Wales appreciate your support.

Why book through our website?

  • Deal direct with the business
  • Be assured your details are secure
  • Business regularly update their availability – all our members are happy to chat with you if you have any COVID-19 concerns
  • No commission on bookings - does not cost you, or the business, to book through Visit Mid Wales

Thank you - Diolch

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