Just becuase its raining it doesn't mean you have to stay inside! Kids love the rain! Make the most of it and get outside.

Check out some great suggestions below on what you and the kids can do when the weather

See some great suggestions on what you can do in the rain in Mid Wales!

  • Sing in the rain! Either use a classic "Singing in the rain" or make up your own version!


  • Pooh Sticks!On a very rainy day, put two sticks in one of the streamlets of water running down the street (or a real live stream, if you're near one) and see which stick "wins" the race!


  • Make mud pies!Kids won't need your help to figure out how to have splashy fun in the rain, but sometimes they need your encouragement to get those hands and fingers gooey and muddy.


  • Instead of just making mus pies how about creating some mold and drying out some mud bricks or bowls for when the sun comes out? use old milk bottles or jars for interesting mud bricks.


  • Take a rain shower!If you really want to make your kids laugh, suggest they wash their hair outside. Kids will love the quirkiness of washing their hair in the rain!


  • Look for animal tracks, especially in muddy areas or near water. Try to figure out or imagine what it is.


  • Dig for worms! and see how many you can find!


  • Puddle jumping! see who can jump the highest or make the biggest splash!


  • Go on a scavenger hunt e.g find a rainbow, 4 worms, a puddle, something that is dry, and insect hiding from the rain and an animal footprint in the mud


The rain is fun! if you don't believe us, ask the kids!

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